It’s a New World


A.. hm.. folk’s I as your Commander and Chief took a decision. It was a hard and a very tough step but we have to go forward and continue the way we once begun under my predecessor President Bush.

So we decided –  ah well it’s a funny part but I consulted your First Lady Michelle too, so the conclusion is we invert the law, took it right make it upside down. We won’t make predecessors Bush failure again. So I can ensure you guys everything we do is lawfull. And sure we will close Gitmo, when we can do it and I support it. We simply legalise to override the habemus corpus act by homeland bills. Because habemus corpus act is not fitting in our era it is from the middle age – it did prevent that a King killed a citizen our put him in jail without any legal notice or information to the public.

Now we’re in a better era, we don’t need the laws from middle age. So the override is legal. And let me say something else – as many of you people known I did say „no more surrvellience“  but here is the thing.. It must not be illegal and we can do it to prevent felony. So we simply solved it by jurisdiction and treatys with the five eyes club. Now we can haunt the evil subjects better then ever before in History. And therefore I admit my college Hillary did once said – America is loosing the war on information, on media.


With a very heavy heart it’s now not more a secret we have to prevent also the treason by so called critical journalism – it has nothing to do with so called criminalisation of the truth or even a shooting the messenger doctrine that does not exist. So we’ll set up a new law,  that we can in the future threaten Terrorists with deportation if they for example admit that it could be possible, that the government ordered the killings of Michael Hastings or Barnaby Jack. Aiding the Enemy is an old fashioned law term and so we decided to upgrade the law.


Also we need a secret secret court – so our enemies will not have a forum like traitor Chelsea Manning did have it. The Fisa Court was a fault. Also the information of the Public or Congress in so called signal killings was a failure. It is a War against evil, against Terrorism and yes we can.. make the law upside down because it it is lawful.


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