K. I. S.S ed by the SS and Heinrich Himmler


Quote from a audio record at a CFR Meeting; …Well first of all it is a privilege to speak to you as your minister of justice but it is also my nesecarity duty to inform you about the steps we took to prevent further tragedies.Our Nation is in a self defense situation. The President and his consultants also memembers of the council for national security – we set down and took a decision.We are almost in a total war against terror and therfore we have also to act like this to defend our people.

So we found a new Strategy named KISS (kill in sinister secrecy) it is wrong to call him a role model but we found the example of Nazi SS Comamder Heinrich Himmler. He was faced with a desperate hopeless situation that later triggert the Holocaust.

We took like the French his Strategy and tactics the so called French Doctrines.

They had used them in Indochina and Algeria Wars. The bottom line is that the Terrorists will now became compromised more efficient and much faster than before. The system behind it is that every terrorist or evil men has a mother and in most of the cases also family and we took the pressure on the family because these haunted subjectsubjects can be demolished by the psychic pressure of there love one. The family will be aware of loosing the life unless terrorist can’t be threatened by death but they won’t function properly if their family members will step apart from them – in specific the family will face the danger beeing casualties from a Drone Strikes. I can now say, that this Strategy now ready and fits to the letters of Law with our Federal Law Theories.

There is also something starting called Gorgon Stare. it will be difficult to fundrise it but it is worth it. Well let me ad something I’ve to tell you directly from President Obama the Drone operation process. – „video gaming with clean hands“ – has no connection with Nazi SS Leader Himmlers thought to integrate Gas Chambers into the „dirty business“ to spare the personal from post war traumatas and accelerate accelerate work flow.

Furthermore there are details, I can give you in other meetings. For some reasons it is better, to deportate People to Gitmo although they are on the lawful Killing Lists it is clear we will make it not in Indochina or Algeria. We will initiate KISS worldwide on the whole playgroundplayground and extend Drone operations by using Carriers and Blimps for data transmission.

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