Stop the Mind Warfare!!!“

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxThe Nazis rule 13 years, 13 years of terror, 13 years of total control.

So what is the path 12 years after 9/11? Total Control by Metadata?

The US is going on with Patriot Act and Homeland, while the Nazis had their „Gleichschaltung“,  a chilling effect or a preemptive obedience the US is still on the run. . Jtrig the Akronym for „Zersetzung“ a Gestapo/Stasi term. Also the „SOD“ could be a department of the Gestapo. Jsoc is the post modern euphemism for the  SS. While Himmler intruduced the Gas „method“ the US is keeping their drone operators dumm to to cope better with the stress of a hangman and in adition with antiphicotic drugs for PTSD prevention.

It begun nearly 13 years ago with the lie “War on Terror” (Plame affair showed the philisophiy behind it) Terror is only a method of war, you American “Partymen” misunderstood Clausewitz.

In this Secred War (and endless still prevaling since the cold war) we don’t know the motives, the reasons – or the storyboard and it might be possible also the president does not.

The Drone Wars could be a mixture of the sinister “French Doctrines” and PR with a lancet – by cutting out Mindhubs. They kill the phones and sims they identfy for spreading negative anti-US / Agyptian Dschahiliyya naratives. But as a secound effekt they created on purpose subversive measures by killing familiy members they also destroy the moral backings for anti american activism – the so called french doctrines. Jtrig/Jsoc is also a method, to help to contol the society „a skinner society“ conditioned by algorithems

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