Stop the Mind Warfare!!!“

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxThe Nazis rule 13 years, 13 years of terror, 13 years of total control.

So what is the path 12 years after 9/11? Total Control by Metadata?

The US is going on with Patriot Act and Homeland, while the Nazis had their „Gleichschaltung“,  a chilling effect or a preemptive obedience the US is still on the run. . Jtrig the Akronym for „Zersetzung“ a Gestapo/Stasi term. Also the „SOD“ could be a department of the Gestapo. Jsoc is the post modern euphemism for the  SS. While Himmler intruduced the Gas „method“ the US is keeping their drone operators dumm to to cope better with the stress of a hangman and in adition with antiphicotic drugs for PTSD prevention.

It begun nearly 13 years ago with the lie “War on Terror” (Plame affair showed the philisophiy behind it) Terror is only a method of war, you American “Partymen” misunderstood Clausewitz.

In this Secred War (and endless still prevaling since the cold war) we don’t know the motives, the reasons – or the storyboard and it might be possible also the president does not.

The Drone Wars could be a mixture of the sinister “French Doctrines” and PR with a lancet – by cutting out Mindhubs. They kill the phones and sims they identfy for spreading negative anti-US / Agyptian Dschahiliyya naratives. But as a secound effekt they created on purpose subversive measures by killing familiy members they also destroy the moral backings for anti american activism – the so called french doctrines. Jtrig/Jsoc is also a method, to help to contol the society „a skinner society“ conditioned by algorithems

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2015 jähren sich 70 Jahre „offener Vollzug“ der B-DDR


Für die USA sind wir die B-DDR. Es gibt nicht nur in Art.10 Abs. 2 GG Hinweise auf Bereichsausnahmen, die sich dann im geheimen Zusatzabkommen zum Nato Truppenstatut wiederfinden, das in Washington einsehbar ist – was wiederum nach Art.25 als Völkerrecht den nationalen Regelungen (Grundgesetz) vorrangig ist.

Die USA dürfen alle Abhören nach ca.70 Jahren Überwachung, und „offenen Vollzug“ ist Infragestellung eher „gefährlicher Nationalismus“. Das seit fast 70 Jahren „zugearbeitet“ wird, ist von der Regierung Brandt verschleiert worden – der Witz – die volle Souveränität wurde von den Alliierten auf dem Papier erklärt – jedoch unter der Vorbedingung durch das geheime Zusatzabkommen zum Nato Truppenstatut wiederum unsouverän zu sein.

Das muss debattiert werden – zumindest abgestimmt werden, ob die Leute hier mehr oder weniger US Einrichtungen und damit auch Überwachung haben wollen, alles andere ist Zensur und Unterdrückung der Demokratie.

Wer sagt, wir sind hier souverän, der kennt nicht

new background

– aus der Vergangenheit, MINARET und Co-Traveler, Tailored Access/ Bullrun, Muscular, Deep Packed Inspection, Olympus, Quantum, Fox Acid, MyNOC, QFIRE, Injekt, Mainway, Packaged Goods, Flying Pig, Hush Puppy, PreferTracfin, Follow the Money, Dishfire, GENIE Lustre, Mira4, Veras, Stateroom, Bruneau, Lifesaver, Highlands, Squraky Dolphin, Sellar Wind, Artifice, Lithum, Serenade, Steelknight, Remedy Streetcar, Little, Pinnag, Daro, Viteous, Gerontic , Royal Concierge, Rolling Thunder, 3G impact update, Nosey Smurf, Tracker Smurf, Oylmpia, Tailored Acess Operations TAO, XKeyscore, Prism, Tempora, Upstream, ROC, CNE, CNO, IMP,  Mastering the Internet, Special Collection Service, Jtrig, Jsoc Gorgon Stare und die Disposition Matrix Database etc. 

…oder wollte die Gedanken nicht zulassen, die Ganze Zeit totalüberwacht zu sein, weil das die Diagnose paranoid zur Folge hätte.


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Where is our System made of? The Storyboard / The Philosophy that survived

the philosophy that survived the trinity of the dollar? – how our system was build, how it melt together and evolved? These  three men did implement their ideas in our todays lifes. Renaissance guy Machiavelli  wrote the Prince and in his opus magnum he scripted the guidelines how to rule the public with perfect timing and how to save power over decades althought he includes the element of luc in his crude calculis – Machiavelli is the spirit and sashion that is told at US Elite Universitys today . The kid of  the richest but not famos London stock broker in the 1820ties gave the word the Gestalt of our time. Ricardo were trained at the age of 14 at the city in the profession of senior Ricardo and begun to make his mind, he discussed with Malthus (who later influnced Wallance and Darwin in evolution theorie) and also with ideas of Marx analysis of the capitalism and by making his studies. He identifies the comparative advantage as the guidline for economics and wealth.  Mankiw, Hayek, Shiller excluding Akerlof (Adverse Selction) and Krugman(New Trade Theory) did promote Ricardos comparative advantage and the comparative advantage is told around the world in university classes and the leading doctrine of the majority of todays economists.

The thrid guy in this trinity of today –  and so the circle is complete – is called Bernays. The nephew of Freud discouvered tree things;

The crowd is stupid and needs to be controlled,

Men are driven by their unconcious desires, which includes that there are two systems inside the mind concious –  and unconcious.

More decicive might be, anouther principle, that he discouvered and by this doctrine the CFR is running the USA and the free world today: Relations between men ain’t peer to peer they are like hubs (like aireplaine routes). And moral is nothing written in stone, its the framework of the hubs .

So Bernays conclude every human being is in a duzend of clubs without beeing concious of it – and these clubs will establish so called moral and control behavior. These three guys, the founder of the pricipies in ruling the public , the founder of the prevailing world economics and the founder of marketing and psychology of the masses  were the mindhubs that spread out and their influences control and trigger the world still today.

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Precrime with full take powered by the treatyshoped basic charta of rights



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Die wissen alles


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K. I. S.S ed by the SS and Heinrich Himmler


Quote from a audio record at a CFR Meeting; …Well first of all it is a privilege to speak to you as your minister of justice but it is also my nesecarity duty to inform you about the steps we took to prevent further tragedies.Our Nation is in a self defense situation. The President and his consultants also memembers of the council for national security – we set down and took a decision.We are almost in a total war against terror and therfore we have also to act like this to defend our people.

So we found a new Strategy named KISS (kill in sinister secrecy) it is wrong to call him a role model but we found the example of Nazi SS Comamder Heinrich Himmler. He was faced with a desperate hopeless situation that later triggert the Holocaust.

We took like the French his Strategy and tactics the so called French Doctrines.

They had used them in Indochina and Algeria Wars. The bottom line is that the Terrorists will now became compromised more efficient and much faster than before. The system behind it is that every terrorist or evil men has a mother and in most of the cases also family and we took the pressure on the family because these haunted subjectsubjects can be demolished by the psychic pressure of there love one. The family will be aware of loosing the life unless terrorist can’t be threatened by death but they won’t function properly if their family members will step apart from them – in specific the family will face the danger beeing casualties from a Drone Strikes. I can now say, that this Strategy now ready and fits to the letters of Law with our Federal Law Theories.

There is also something starting called Gorgon Stare. it will be difficult to fundrise it but it is worth it. Well let me ad something I’ve to tell you directly from President Obama the Drone operation process. – „video gaming with clean hands“ – has no connection with Nazi SS Leader Himmlers thought to integrate Gas Chambers into the „dirty business“ to spare the personal from post war traumatas and accelerate accelerate work flow.

Furthermore there are details, I can give you in other meetings. For some reasons it is better, to deportate People to Gitmo although they are on the lawful Killing Lists it is clear we will make it not in Indochina or Algeria. We will initiate KISS worldwide on the whole playgroundplayground and extend Drone operations by using Carriers and Blimps for data transmission.

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It’s a New World


A.. hm.. folk’s I as your Commander and Chief took a decision. It was a hard and a very tough step but we have to go forward and continue the way we once begun under my predecessor President Bush.

So we decided –  ah well it’s a funny part but I consulted your First Lady Michelle too, so the conclusion is we invert the law, took it right make it upside down. We won’t make predecessors Bush failure again. So I can ensure you guys everything we do is lawfull. And sure we will close Gitmo, when we can do it and I support it. We simply legalise to override the habemus corpus act by homeland bills. Because habemus corpus act is not fitting in our era it is from the middle age – it did prevent that a King killed a citizen our put him in jail without any legal notice or information to the public.

Now we’re in a better era, we don’t need the laws from middle age. So the override is legal. And let me say something else – as many of you people known I did say „no more surrvellience“  but here is the thing.. It must not be illegal and we can do it to prevent felony. So we simply solved it by jurisdiction and treatys with the five eyes club. Now we can haunt the evil subjects better then ever before in History. And therefore I admit my college Hillary did once said – America is loosing the war on information, on media.



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